Friday, April 23, 2010

labor and delivery

So I had my first clinical on labor and delivery. I was scared and horrified that I had to go there. EWWW. I did not want to participate in this, because i would never want to work with laboring pregnant women and little new born babies. Oh how wrong was I. I loved it. I wish I could go back for more. The nurses on L and D are amazing. They run their asses off, have to think critically all of the time, they get to do so much more than other nurses(not really but it just seemed like it), they have more contact with their patients because they don't have CNA (HCA's) on their floor. I only hope to be a nurse who has the opportunity to work on that floor. I loved it. I haven't had a clinical experience like it yet. I went home and was elated from the work. That is what I want to go home exhausted and yet exhilarated from work. Some day.

NO it does not mean that I want to have a child of my own. I just want to help bring them from the womb and into the world and then send them on their way and welcome another one in.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So it finally happened I actually attended a class that discussed, in depth my favorite subject. POO. The lecture was entitled proper. I laughed out loud numerous times. My classmates will tell you that my laughing is frequent.
School is awesome. Sometimes it is a drag and i wonder why they are wasting time teaching me this shit, but mostly I am super glad to be where I am . I have some really wonderful classmates and have become really close to a few of them. I can't wait to see what the next year and seven months will bring.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So days after the last post I found out that I was on the wait list for school. I was mad, sad and anxiously awaiting an acceptance call. It came a week before school started on May 19. I was so excited my wonderful family dropped everything and my super parents took us all out to a fabulous restaurant. It was all so surreal.
Then school started. The first week, after I had signed my contract, I felt like I would never make it through the first semester let alone 6. I was sure that I would have to pay back all the money after only going to school for this one semester.
Things are looking brighter. I have been doing well and I am passing everything. I am super stressed and am lacking on sleep and fun times. It sometimes seem daunting but I will make it through. I mean I couldn't really get a cushier ride. Tuition paid for, books paid for, and a job when I get done. Come on now.
I am super happy to be in the program, I just have to remind myself of the things that will come after school. I want to send many thanks to my parents. My dad is awesome, he may not understand all that I talk about, I may skip some important things, but he is always there full of support. I love that. My mom always encouraging and standing right there by my dad to help him when he can not quite grasp what I have going on. Super Duper power sisters that I have. You all put up with so much from me. I love that you all keep me so in line and that you actually want to spend time with my grumpy ass is amazing. Friends if you only new how much I wanted to put off everything and just chill. I would give anything to hang out and not have a care in the world.

Thanks for all that you all do. School will be done in slightly less than 2 years. I take the NCLEX with 6 months of that and god willing get to start to practice Nursing. Then I hope all that you remember about me during this time is how thankful I am.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nursing School

I have been working on getting into school. Sometimes I am really working hard on stuff and other times not so hard. Well I am on the waiting list for a program. The program is sponsored by the University Hospital and run through Salt Lake community college. It is free. I pay nothing and have to sign a contract to work for UHC for three years. I am number #2 on the alternate list.

Send all the good vibes that you can spare my way so that I can start school on May 19.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So the other day I worked a double at Porcupine. For those out of touch with restaurant lingo...that means that I worked to shifts which ends up basically being all day, open to close, and most likely more than 12 hours or really stinking close. I was just helping someone out. I did it once before and I swore never to do it again, and this time I mean it.....never. Well maybe....just kidding Jess. I promise.

The day shift was blah and I was not all the way with it. Nothing remarkable happened nothing was dropped, forgotten or lost. All was moderately that possible. I drank the night before and did not run or exercise before I went to work so I was not 100% Jacque. Sucks right.

The night shift went great. I was upstairs my first few tables were awesome. Skiers and men. I do not have to say anything else. I then got a 7 person table. It was all women. They already had drinks, due to the long wait for a table. I had their waters and everything ready for them. I greeted them on time, offered and ordered their apps at their leisure....I understand that it takes women a long time to agree on things. Whatever. The first thing I hear while I am standing their waiting for their attention is one person saying "you won't believe what I did. I actually made friends with my sisters -in-laws." The person saying this is sort of slouched in her chair and you can tell she is the take charge sort (by that I mean she is bossy...she re-ordered for the girl next to her...something the way). My first impression....Jesus Christ....what a bitch.
Apps and drinks come entrees are on the way, more drinks. I am doing the general filling of waters, clearing, and all the things you expect as a diner. Everything comes on time, it is correct, I brought extra plates and condiments for all those sharing. All which it expected and due to you as a patron. I split the bills, even though it was not specified at the beginning, which is hard with so many drink and split items. I told them it would take a few extra minutes to do this.
This 7 top of women chill for a few more minutes...prob 10. I get the receipt and the bossy yet relaxed lady had left me a nice little reminder on how to treat people.
"It would have been nice if you could have shown a little kindness I was displaying it. I would have tipped you tripple."(sic)

This lady needs to fuck off. I only reflected the poorly created image that she was displaying. I was laughing and having a good time with the rest of my tables. Basically she and I did not really jive with each other and as you all know I have a hard time hiding these things. I show how I feel clearly in all my facial expressions and I was also probably tired.

The main theme of this bloggy is that I don't have to kiss your ass just because you are eating at my restaurant. I will not kiss your ass. I will not be fake to your ass unless I want to do so. I do not need your money if it means sacrificing anything like my personal dignity. Think about that the next time you go out. Most likely she did not think about this. I am a person I have judgements, reservations and I can make up my own mind. I will do all of these things all the time, or whenever I choose to, so be careful how you treat me. You just might get the exact same in return.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Seriously....I am trying really hard to remember that I even have this blog. Thanks Mel for reminding me.

I am having such a good time with everything right now I just don't think that I can write anything. usually everything I write is mean. So I might just have to say hi to you one prob checks anymore cause I have not been here for months....oh well.

When something bad happens or I start to feel poopie I think I will stop in a write some of the awful things that I see and experience. But for now....laugh.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just to say something

I haven't been here in awhile. I just haven't had anything super duper to say. However, I was looking around at others blogs and wanted some people to update (natalie) and felt i couldn't ask someone to update if i wasn't willing to do the same.

I always post things that bug or drive me nuts. I think this time I will post something about things I like or that i am thankful for.

I am really glad that no one at my current job (u of u) is aware of my blog. They don't need to be apart of this part of my life.

I am super happy that I have such great sisters that will and do help me through anything. I always appreciate it, even when it is not precisely how I wanted it done. I have issues I am working on them.

I like co-workers who do their job and help out when you can't fully do your job by yourself. It is nice to know that others are aware of what you are going through.

That is all that i have to say....I have one post in progress but I don't think I will finish it until I am done serving at Porcupine. I need time to collect info.